Difference Commonly used aluminum materials, 1100 and 3003 aluminum sheet material which is better?

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Decorative aluminum veneer of common materials;
Mainly AA3003-H24 aluminum manganese, containing manganese components, with rust-proof function, the board strength and plasticity are good, can be easily processed into a variety of decorative aluminum products.
1100 and 3003 aluminum material
As well as with the AA1100-H24 aluminum, up to 99% of its aluminum content, the corrosion resistance of this material can be good, but the rigidity can not be enhanced by heat treatment, so that strength is lower than 3003 series about 10%!
The two models of material production of aluminum veneer curtain wall plate board, etc. Other products are in line with national standards [GB / T3880-2006] and [GB / T3190-2008] National Standardization Technical Committee to develop non-ferrous metals; " plasticity of aluminum and aluminum alloy chemical composition regulations "!
1100 and 3003 aluminum material
There is also a model for the AA5005-H24 aluminum alloy, which contains about 3% to 5% of magnesium, also known as aluminum-magnesium alloy, a material of low density, high tensile strength, in contrast with other aluminum products, aluminum to lighter weight magnesium alloy, decorative uses are very extensive. The only drawback is; magnesium content can not exceed 5%, otherwise the product surface brightness will drop!
Decorative aluminum material
Aluminum veneer material model meanings:
AA represents US Aluminum Association] [Aluminium Association performance standards.
3003 represents aluminum manganese element. The 1100 high purity aluminum material represents 99%
H2 representative of the material state. Not annealed state, also said that a state of heat treatment!
4 represents the physical material hardness control technology, in short, belongs not annealed H24 semi-hard state!
Decorative aluminum material
Essentially architectural decoration aluminum veneer materials, and aluminum curtain wall materials are mainly two models above! Not a big difference between the two materials, the strength and plasticity of the problem can be based on demand, custom sizes and thicknesses of aluminum veneer time can be applied flexibly!
There may not understand the customer will ask why the material elements and semi-hard state to use manganese it? Because no manganese aluminum, a long time in the outdoors will be oxidized. And if the material is not easy to work too hard, plasticity difference can not be arbitrary to build a uniquely shaped aluminum veneer products.
In short, we are in the production and processing of aluminum veneer curtain time, according to customer needs and specifications, scientific and rational analysis of construction sites, and select the model most suitable aluminum materials for processing custom ...
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