What is the aluminum side pass? And aluminum square tube What is the difference?

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What is the aluminum side pass? And aluminum square tube What is the difference?
In order to facilitate customers to reduce confusion in the procurement of materials in the process, this article will briefly explain the main difference between us and the aluminum side pass between aluminum square tube,
Aluminum side pass; in the industry generally called "U-type side through, U-groove" products are on three sides! Generally roll extrusion, there are special size U-General is the use of aluminum square aluminum, made by a bending machine bending!
Often used to decorate the ceiling, it is the main material is processed into aluminum or aluminum grille smallpox strip coupon, etc., with flowing lines, ventilation fire safety, environmental protection and so ...
Aluminum side pass
Aluminum square tube; also known as profiles aluminum side pass, the product is generally four-sided shape, used for office partitions, doors and windows grill, store signs, as well as the company's image on the wall, and other materials that require higher force options,
Production is mainly by the machine to roll extruded aluminum, the inside using the Corner installation, and processing methods are mainly welding, bending, carving and other crafts.
Aluminum side pass
If you do not understand the specific shape of the aluminum side pass, you can refer to the following drawing
Aluminum side pass
Then the metal ceiling decoration materials, is how the processing out of it?
In fact, a lot easier and aluminum veneer aluminum side through processing, first in sheet metal workshop, the aluminum side through products according to the drawing size extrusion molding, by adjusting the mold and the pressure to reduce the error, which is part of the sheet metal stage, referred to as billet.
After molding, after washing, remove the product surface impurities and oil, etc., after further examination, some need to polish, smooth surface to allow paint firmly adsorbed on the surface of the product. Aluminum square pass this way, the basic steps of corrosion resistant!
 And finally into the automatic spraying workshop spraying onto the powder paint, automatically enters the drying room drying, the detection of color, defective products may need to re-spray recycled, confirmation to packaging and shipping,
The thermal transfer wood, just after spraying, the aluminum side pass into the heat transfer machine, transfer into such imitation wood, Shiwen and other colors, etc. ..
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