The difference between aluminum and glass curtain walls and advantages!

2015-09-05 19:42:20 宏铝建材 196
Glass walls generally have single and double two specifications, etc., as early as in the late 1980s, it is already one of the hottest of the curtain wall decoration materials! But the curtain wall system but there are many security risks and disadvantages!
The disadvantage of glass curtain wall and disadvantages:
It has a translucent glass is known advantages, but to live and work ranging from the impact of light pollution produced person in the room, while in harm people's personal safety,
For example, the use of the party in the glass-walled high-rise buildings or slapstick hee hee, was caused by a hard object to break the glass when the accident occurred because the driver is also reflective glass wall of the building, causing a traffic accident ..
More dangerous in the back, in dry weather, the glass prone to static electricity, ranging from dust with smoke, causing dark walls, some large buildings each year must spend a minimum of 3-5 million for curtain cleaning! Ray also easy to move because of static electricity, so the glass curtain wall is lightning protection and grounding of work to be done!
And a glass of very poor fire performance, high temperature will break encounter, encounter strong vibration earthquakes and other natural disasters, often it began to rain glass, which is perilous! The aluminum curtain wall is very light, the board seismic compression capability is very good,
Of course, the most common problem is the sealant, Mifengbuyan will leak, if the sealing tape aging, and even cause the glass falling on passers-threatening downstairs!
Glass curtain wall
Curtain material differences:
Many building wall decoration of the city, began to no longer use glass as a wall material, which will give other alternative materials market leave enough space.
Currently, there are aluminum curtain wall materials, stone tiles, ceramic plates, aluminum composite panels moon, but in addition to aluminum curtain walls, these materials have many shortcomings,
For example, the surface color choices rich enough, life is not long enough, a single appearance Pacific plate and so on! Or no recovery value of non-environmentally friendly material!
Improve domestic industrial production technology, processing technology building decoration materials is changing, some of the care for the environment, both beautiful and durable, but security-conscious owners who already opened into aluminum curtain wall of glass curtain wall replacement big wave
Aluminum curtain wall plate has glass walls do not have the characteristics and advantages, will become the future building decoration materials a major force! Rise of aluminum curtain wall, mainly product light weight, surface compressive rigidity, resistance to the environment but also acid rain or industrial gas corrosion, the board is also rich color choices, do not fade do not change color advantage is decorative product life The essential!
Of course, as an environmentally friendly decorative products, aluminum curtain wall has recycling value.
Analysis for so long, I believe you on aluminum curtain wall and glass wall of distinction and merit should have a deep understanding of it!