Curved aluminum; the difference between singles and hyperbolic aluminum aluminum plate!

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 If the facades decoration lines, according to design some curved walls curve, highlights the flexible art!
Aluminum curtain wall veneer appear in the construction industry has more than 20 years, while some building walls are curved shape, so naturally curved aluminum veneer emerged.
Curved aluminum
    Many people think that the curved aluminum veneer, is nothing more than a certain arc of aluminum veneer. In fact broken down; "single aluminum veneer, hyperbolic aluminum veneer, aluminum and other spherical" the process is more difficult and more complex, first the overall arc of the calculation, and then the laser seamless welding, polishing, etc., forming a curved or spherical shape, the whole process, and subsequent surface paint, all-consuming work, the cost is naturally not cheap ...
Curved aluminum
    Arc hyperbolic board Why expensive? What is the difference between singles and hyperbolic?
Singles aluminum veneer; arc machine can roll, the aluminum material is carried out according to the design radian arc roll processing, single board in accordance with this method, processing out with good results
The hyperbolic aluminum veneer, spherical roller board if arc machining, but troublesome and poor!
Curved aluminum
Hyperbolic aluminum veneer; the price of your reason, nothing more than the curvature of the plate surface, so the arc hyperbolic aluminum veneer production difficulties, is the problem of curvature of treatment! You imagine, each raw material sheet width is 1200mm,
If you want to make a spherical decorative, restrictor plate width by, on the need for each layer of the arc decomposition calculations, cut material point of view, taking into account the thermal expansion and contraction welding, and other physical tension, deformation and other issues! Slowly put together as a whole!
Curved aluminum
The industry's production technology has breakthrough, the introduction of advanced equipment, after calculation of technology, production of curved aluminum veneer decorative effect is more remarkable ...
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Singles hyperbolic arc; What does this mean? What's the Difference?
Arc; is an arbitrary circle or oval shape.
Song; it is not straight curved meaning,
Singles; is single!
Hyperbolic: it is double!
Aluminum pictures
Curved aluminum veneer, single aluminum veneer, hyperbolic aluminum veneer