Aluminum curtain wall green it? Aluminum veneer decorative materials - for the environment and health!

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Aluminum curtain wall veneer is a new type of environmentally friendly decorative materials, to the city in the building of skyscrapers adds a beautiful landscape road,
When you stop in front of high-rise buildings, lamented the speed of economic development, when I wonder if you noticed those bright eye-catching facades of aluminum curtain wall panels it?
Environmental aluminum curtain wall
Aluminum curtain wall decoration industries, after more than twenty years of reform and opening up gradually developed, the market and technology have been very mature, we pass hi metal products adhere to respond to national environmental policy, take the road of sustainable development,
Using science and technology for the environmental cause and struggle! Fully recyclable aluminum decoration materials, environmental protection China architectural decoration materials contribute to make the others.
Environmental aluminum curtain wall
In the "" five "national strategic emerging industry development plan" explicitly mentioned; "to develop new functional materials, advanced structural materials and composite materials, to carry out nano, superconductivity, intelligence and other common basic materials research and industrialization, increase support capacity of new materials technology equipment, "aluminum curtain wall panels can have today's brilliant, but also be an advocate for environmental policies in return,
Environmental aluminum curtain wall
Of course, people's economic and values ​​increase, the face of the deterioration of the natural environment, the rapid depletion of resources, began to select architectural curtain wall materials began to change, began to abandon outdated full glass curtain wall, it is well known, glass wind resistance, compression poor, dangerous glass fragile, and once broken, there was no recycling value, once buried, need 100 years to decompose! Glass required to produce 1400-degree heat production, and steel almost almost! One can imagine how much this is an obstacle to environmental protection!
Environmental aluminum curtain wall
Environmentalists reasons for choosing aluminum curtain wall:
First, aluminum curtain wall can be completely recycled reuse, which is as environmentally friendly products essential!
Second, good quality aluminum curtain wall, the product light weight and reduce the risk of load-bearing wall system, it is easy to install.
Third, the aluminum surface and oxygen after exposure, will form a layer of oxide film, and makes the walls will not be eroded by acid rain and industrial gases. This is weather-resistant and self-cleaning of aluminum, aluminum curtain wall is to ensure long-term bright reasons.
Fourth, good extension ability to make changes in the shape of rich aluminum products to meet the designer of the artistic requirements, rewrite decorative significance, make the building into an art!
Aluminum pictures
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