Punching punching aluminum veneer how? How to calculate punching rate!

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We pass happy customer base metal, often encounter customers purchasing punching aluminum veneer, paper is probably talk about is how punching aluminum veneer;
Under normal circumstances, punching is done before the aluminum molding, in the sheet metal processing workshop, fully automatic CNC punching machine punching step. It can be carried out after the completion of punching aluminum veneer molding step (for example: a material, folding, rolling arc)
Aluminum punching
    In our business, customers often do not know, only consider the aesthetic requirements of the hole shape, ignoring the industry called a punching rate of jargon, and this has a direct impact on the calculation of the quality of aluminum veneer,
Under normal circumstances the manufacturers need to be calculated according to the customer's punching rate aperture size. Formula is as follows: {punching rate equal to the area of ​​the finished product is divided by punching aluminum veneer remaining area}
Aluminum punching
    After a reasonable calculation, you can ensure that each pitch and uniform size, punching too dense or too sparse are unqualified, too close will cause aluminum veneer of compression capacity decreased, the pitch is too wide and make beautiful decorative effect is not enough, therefore punching aluminum veneer is not like red to red.
Currently improve, aluminum veneer manufacturers pass the selection process technology is also very much needed automatic CNC punching performance architectural engineering, fast out of various holes shape: a square hole, round hole, diamond hole , cross hole, plum blossom hole artistic hole and so on.
Aluminum punching
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