• The importance of installation of customized curtain wall materials by macro aluminum veneer manufacturer

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 309

    With the continuous development of economy, people\'s aesthetic needs continue to improve and develop, material technology continues to improve and develop, curtain wall forms are rich and diverse, such as glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, aluminum veneer curtain wall, etc. Among them, the curtain wall customized by aluminum veneer manufacturers has been widely concerned because of its unique shape, rich color selection and good practicability. Often in some of the city\'s landmark buildings to see its shadow! Aluminum curtain wall is a new type of single panel. It uses aluminum plate, galvanized steel and other pre welded framework, and then locks the corner screw, sealant seam, fixed on the pre welded framework. But the style of every building is different

  • Aluminum panel curtain wall corner bending technology; 90 degree right angle, R fillet, 135 degree oblique angle commonly used bending technology.

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 8123

    Bending (folding) is one of the most basic processes of aluminum veneer. Even if it is a common flat plate, it also needs a 20-25mm folding edge, which is convenient for installation and hanging hole (corner code) construction. Secondly, it also enhances the strength of the plate surface. The most commonly used is 90 degree right angle bending, of course, according to the design drawings for acute angle, right angle, obtuse angle and other customized arbitrary angle bending, in order to adapt to a variety of modeling and decoration places.

  • Aluminum curtain wall panel construction & why should aluminum veneer leave gaps? How wide is the anti-seismic joint?

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 7253

    The novelty, safety, environmental protection and durability of curtain wall materials will become the basic characteristics. As we all know, aluminum alloy has excellent rigidity, light weight and strong plasticity, which is convenient for aluminum veneer curtain wall manufacturers to process and customize various shapes. However, careful friends will find that there are generally 10-20 mm wide anti-seismic adhesive joint when aluminum curtain wall panel is constructed. What is the reason?

  • Is aluminum curtain wall environmentally friendly? Aluminum veneer decorative materials - for environmental protection!

    2020/11/29 3843

    The aluminum curtain wall decoration industry has gradually developed after more than 20 years of reform and opening up. At present, the market and technology are very mature. We adhere to the national environmental protection policy and take the road of sustainable development

  • Two color difference between UV printing aluminum veneer and color screen printing aluminum veneer

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 1886

    What\'s the difference between UV printing aluminum veneer and silk screen printing aluminum veneer: first of all, UV printing aluminum veneer is a new technology, which does not need mold, that is, spray drying does not need baking, and the ink fastness is good. Party A only needs to provide patterns, but also can print 3D three-dimensional effect, the printing size is 1.2 * 1.5 m, 1.5 * 3 m, 1.3 * 2.5 m, 2 * 3 m, etc. In order to save the mold cost, the traditional screen printing aluminum veneer can only print simple and regular patterns. After printing, it needs to be dried, the color is relatively monotonous, and the weather resistance is also relatively poor. Nowadays, UV printing technology is developing rapidly

  • The relationship between product quality and processing equipment of aluminum veneer curtain wall. -Macro aluminum building materials

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 4268

    As the ancients said, \"if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools\", which is especially true of our aluminum veneer processing company. Advanced processing equipment is the premise to ensure the quality of aluminum curtain wall panel products, so as to ensure the accuracy of product specifications and size and perfect appearance.

  • Top 10 advantages and disadvantages of aluminum veneer, what are the characteristics of aluminum curtain wall?

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 6291

    The company produces multi-functional aluminum alloy decorative board, which can be used for modeling ceiling, retaining wall, partition, background wall and other indoor and outdoor decoration. It can completely replace the traditional decorative materials such as wood board, mineral wool board and gypsum board in furniture decoration, so as to achieve the decoration without painting, saving labor and money and labor. It can be processed into various artistic forms according to the effect drawings of decoration engineering. The color of the paint on the board is rich, and the paint layer lasts for a long time without discoloration, falling off and powdering. You can also use the technology of vacuum heat transfer printing and water transfer printing to transfer various wood textures onto the board, forming a fashionable and beautiful decorative building materials. In conclusion, aluminum alloy wall panel has ten advantages:

  • Purchase inferior fluorocarbon aluminum veneer will fade, aluminum curtain wall will fade?

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 522

    Good fluorocarbon paint, in the process of spraying, has been baked at a high temperature of more than 230 degrees Celsius, and the fluorocarbon paint has penetrated into the surface of aluminum plate and integrated into one! Therefore, under normal circumstances, as long as the aluminum veneer curtain wall is sprayed with various colors, a variety of decorative art effects can be designed. In addition to pure color spraying, there are imitation wood grain / stone grain and other colors. Can be used outdoors for more than 15 years, no oxidation, no fading, no discoloration!


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