• How many years can aluminum curtain wall panel be used? How long can aluminum veneer last?

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 2872

    Some decoration company customers often ask me how many years can aluminum veneer curtain wall be used? At that time, I didn\'t know how to answer. After all, when I heard about made in China, it would not take many years! What\'s more, there are always some customers who are greedy for low price because of their interests. They give those cottage aluminum veneer processing workshops the opportunity to live in the cracks of regular manufacturers! As a result, the quality of aluminum veneer curtain wall is uneven,

  • Aluminum curtain wall life? How long can aluminum veneer?

    2020/03/13 宏铝建材 69

    After our analysis: \\\"If the major manufacturers of aluminum curtain wall veneer production process, always use high-quality aluminum raw materials, so the only remaining part of the surface treatment that can affect the life of the aluminum curtain wall.\\\"


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