• Processing difficulty and price of hyperbolic arc aluminum veneer

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 310

    Aluminum veneer should be analyzed in detail; it is mainly divided into single curved surface aluminum veneer, hyperbolic aluminum veneer, spherical aluminum veneer, etc., each of which has different manufacturing difficulty. Below, Guangdong hongaluminum will tell you briefly and give you some help.

  • Specification standard and size of aluminum veneer, standard specification aluminum veneer model!

    2020/11/29 3060

    Standard specifications of aluminum veneer can not meet the aesthetic standards of design and decoration companies and owners. At this time, our manufacturers need to process aluminum sheets into various complex or bizarre shapes according to the drawings or samples of customers. Some products with unique personality and pursuit of avant-garde owners\' needs can hardly describe the appearance of products with conventional names, such as hyperbolic plate and abnormal shape Board, these are non-standard products

  • Why is curved aluminum veneer more expensive than flat panel? What are the characteristics of arc board?

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 29377

    Characteristics of arc aluminum veneer? Because the finished surface of the building is not always right angle or straight line, the corner curve is often used to make the architectural modeling more flexible. With more and more aluminum veneer entering the building curtain wall industry, in order to deal with the curve modeling of building curtain wall, a kind of bending aluminum veneer with plate type has appeared. Intuitive feeling, curved aluminum veneer is aluminum plate with point bending. However, arc aluminum veneer is divided into single curved aluminum veneer and hyperbolic aluminum veneer. One of the difficulties is more difficult than the other, so the cost is higher and higher. Whether it is sheet metal processing or paint spraying, it is very time-consuming and labor-consuming. The arc aluminum veneer is most commonly used as a cylinder

  • Arc aluminum veneer; the difference between hyperbolic aluminum veneer and single curved aluminum veneer!

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 337179

    Many people think that the arc-shaped aluminum veneer is nothing more than a certain radian aluminum veneer. In fact, it is also subdivided into: \"single curved aluminum veneer, hyperbolic aluminum veneer, spherical aluminum plate, etc.\" its process difficulty is more and more complex, first of all, the overall radian calculation, and then laser seamless welding, polishing and polishing, to form a curved surface, or spherical shape, the whole processing process, and the subsequent surface baking paint, are very labor-consuming, the cost of natural is not cheap

  • Application of por / E, UG. And other three-dimensional software in hyperbolic curved decorative aluminum plate and skin arc drawing

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 3661

    With bold exploration and independent innovation, the company has overcome the difficulties in the aluminum sheet metal processing industry, such as the production and design of hyperbolic aluminum veneer, using skin stretching equipment, wood mold curved surface carving, por / E, UG and other three-dimensional modeling software. It has become one of the few manufacturers in China that can quickly batch produce curved hyperbolic aluminum veneer and complex special-shaped plate. Our advanced processing equipment, exquisite technology, excellent quality, fast delivery speed, the board surface effect is higher than the common double curvature plate produced by segmentation welding, and the decoration effect is more smooth than the so-called \"straight instead of curve\" false hyperbolic radian, which fully shows the hyperbolic curved plate in the

  • Hyperbolic aluminum veneer arc segmentation, aluminum veneer hyperbolic and single difference!

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 2477

    Hyperbolic aluminum veneer is a kind of decorative material with a certain arc. It is often used for column decoration of large buildings. Because of the difficulty of arc or modeling process, the price of hyperbolic aluminum veneer is much higher than that of ordinary aluminum veneer,

  • Curved aluminum; the difference between singles and hyperbolic aluminum aluminum plate!

    2020/03/13 宏铝建材 305

     Many people think that the curved aluminum veneer, is nothing more than a certain arc of aluminum veneer. In fact broken down; \\\"single aluminum veneer, hyperbolic aluminum veneer, aluminum and other spherical\\\" the process is more difficult and more complex, first the overall arc of the calculation, and then the laser seamless welding, polishing, etc., forming a curved or spherical shape, the whole process, and subsequent surface paint, all-consuming work, the cost is naturally not cheap ...

  • Aluminum single standard and size!

    2020/03/13 宏铝建材 107

    One of aluminum veneer as ceiling or wall decoration of new materials, as the aluminum product its own unique \\\"light, fire, and beautiful\\\" and other excellent characteristics and suffered decoration company and owners of praise, however, a lot of customers are still do not understand the difference Lvkou and aluminum veneer, in general, the size of conventional aluminum veneer is mainly 600 * 600mm, 600 * 1200mm, etc., and the rest are basically unconventional dimensions.


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