• Aluminum veneer baking technology; national standard aluminum veneer coating material and standard thickness.

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 2981

    The baking paint of aluminum veneer curtain wall ceiling products is not only an important key to the decorative effect, but also directly affects the service life of the products. Previously, we have introduced the types of aluminum decorative materials baking paint, as well as the reasonable construction site and life. Today, I continue to talk about the baking process of aluminum plate and several national standard paint thickness.

  • Aluminum veneer thickness error - national standard aluminum veneer thickness deviation

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 12140

    Often some customers who have just contacted the decorative materials of aluminum veneer begin to check the quality, specification and size of the products after receiving the goods, including the surface color of the aluminum plate, and whether the thickness of the product has any error, etc. I believe everyone can understand this, and there are always some customers who do not understand this material, and find that the thickness of the product is often more than the actual demand of plus or minus 0.1 ~ 0.15 mm error! It is the thickness of the overall small to almost negligible error, customers feel that aluminum veneer manufacturers cut corners

  • What is the meaning of non-standard aluminum veneer? What are the standard aluminum plate building materials?

    2020/11/29 740

    Generally speaking, once a product is put into production, it is batch standardized production. For our aluminum veneer processing industry, \"non-standard\" aluminum veneer is a very familiar word, mainly because aluminum veneer curtain wall belongs to customized products, each customer

  • Aluminum veneer Market inside, the secret behind the price!

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 560

    With the rapid growth of domestic economic development, along with the prosperity of building decoration materials, the continuous innovation of aluminum curtain wall decoration engineering makes the market present a variety of architectural styles! The price quoted by regular aluminum veneer manufacturers is 220 / m2, while that of those Shanzhai processing plants is 200 / m2. Many customers think that the price is 20 yuan, so the customers choose the cheap small factory.

  • Aluminum single standard and size!

    2020/03/13 宏铝建材 107

    One of aluminum veneer as ceiling or wall decoration of new materials, as the aluminum product its own unique \\\"light, fire, and beautiful\\\" and other excellent characteristics and suffered decoration company and owners of praise, however, a lot of customers are still do not understand the difference Lvkou and aluminum veneer, in general, the size of conventional aluminum veneer is mainly 600 * 600mm, 600 * 1200mm, etc., and the rest are basically unconventional dimensions.


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