Artistic square tube ceiling

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Artistic square tube ceiling造型方通_(1)(1).jpg造型方管天花_(3).jpg造型方管天花_(2).jpg艺术菱形方管窗花(1).jpg艺术方管造型_(2)(1).jpg艺术方管造型_(1)(1).jpg艺术菱形方管窗花(2).jpg方管天花.jpg
Artistic square tube ceiling造型方通_(1)(1).jpg造型方管天花_(3).jpg造型方管天花_(2).jpg艺术菱形方管窗花(1).jpg艺术方管造型_(2)(1).jpg艺术方管造型_(1)(1).jpg艺术菱形方管窗花(2).jpg方管天花.jpg

Modeling square tube ceiling is one of the most commonly used building decoration materials, which can be used for ceiling, retaining wall, arc-shaped bending, welding various art lattice, window sash and other pineapple lattices. The surface can be painted with various colors, anodized, wood or stone grain transfer, which integrates modern and retro decorative effects.

Square tube decorative materials can be customized for various specifications and models of artistic arc-shaped aluminum square tube_ The price is cheap_ Reliable quality! The ordinary strip-shaped square tube ceiling can not meet the individual needs of some customers. The decorative ceiling of many customers should be ventilated, fireproof and not repressed. Although the ordinary aluminum square tube ceiling can meet the requirements, the line is still single, so the arc square tube is not_ The wholesale / purchase of high-quality hollow arc aluminum square tube ceiling material is becoming more and more popular.

Artistic square tube is a kind of special aluminum square tube with irregular shape, undulating lines and welding. The products generally need more labor time, and the material consumption is relatively large, which is usually made of thicker materials.

Installation of U-shaped aluminum square tube can choose different height and spacing, one high and one low, one sparse and one dense. With reasonable color matching, the design is changeable. The art square tube ceiling can design different decorative effects. At the same time, because the U-shaped aluminum square is transparent, the lamps, air-conditioning system and fire-fighting equipment can be placed in the ceiling to achieve the perfect visual effect of overall consistency.