• The function of aviation aluminum honeycomb panel as building decoration material; sound insulation wall! Heat and heat!

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 350

    Early used in the field of aviation aluminum honeycomb panel materials, with sound insulation and light weight and other characteristics, with the development of economy, aluminum alloy honeycomb panel in the early 1990s began to gradually turn to civil, in the field of architectural decoration, generally used as the sound insulation metal wall of concert halls and cinemas, as well as the thermal insulation use of freezers

  • How many days does it take for aluminum veneer from production to delivery?

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 455

    After placing an order, some customers always urge the manufacturer to deliver the goods quickly every day. They keep asking how many days it will take to deliver the goods. We also understand the customers\' mood. For those projects with short construction period, we will work overtime and work overtime,

  • China exports 43 tons of aluminum products in April

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 281

    The General Administration of Customs of the people\'s Republic of China announced on May 8 that as of April, a total of 43 tons of UN forged and rolled aluminum and aluminum materials had been exported,

  • The top ten ranking of aluminum curtain wall manufacturers is not credible! -On the spot investigation is reliable

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 255

    Many customers often use Baidu and other search engines to search for keywords such as aluminum curtain wall manufacturer ranking, brand aluminum veneer, top 10 famous brands, and top 10 rankings. The results must have been misled by the search results. As we all know, aluminum veneer curtain wall and other products are customized products,

  • Aluminum veneer Market inside, the secret behind the price!

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 560

    With the rapid growth of domestic economic development, along with the prosperity of building decoration materials, the continuous innovation of aluminum curtain wall decoration engineering makes the market present a variety of architectural styles! The price quoted by regular aluminum veneer manufacturers is 220 / m2, while that of those Shanzhai processing plants is 200 / m2. Many customers think that the price is 20 yuan, so the customers choose the cheap small factory.

  • The price of aluminum veneer is not uniform? How to make a comparison?

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 226

    Because aluminum veneer is a custom-made product, the use of each project site is different, of course, there are different prices, aluminum model, thickness, surface modeling, paint and other raw materials, labor costs, management costs, resource costs! These are the reasons for the price difference of aluminum veneers.

  • Aluminum veneer brand choice! What brand of aluminum veneer is good?

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 296

    Aluminum veneer decorative building materials, although nearly 20 years of history, but there are still many construction companies do not understand this product. When they are necessary from the decoration to the later stage of these materials, they often don\'t know where to start. As usual, there is nothing wrong with buying things like brand manufacturers\' aluminum veneer products, but what brand of aluminum veneer will be better?

  • WBMs report: the global aluminum ingot Market was short of about 100000 tons in the first quarter of this year

    2020/11/29 宏铝建材 563

    WBMs report of the world Bureau of Metal Statistics: the global aluminum ingot Market was short of about 100000 tons in the first quarter of this year


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