• Curved aluminum; the difference between singles and hyperbolic aluminum aluminum plate!

    2020/03/13 宏铝建材 251

     Many people think that the curved aluminum veneer, is nothing more than a certain arc of aluminum veneer. In fact broken down; "single aluminum veneer, hyperbolic aluminum veneer, aluminum and other spherical" the process is more difficult and more complex, first the overall arc of the calculation, and then the laser seamless welding, polishing, etc., forming a curved or spherical shape, the whole process, and subsequent surface paint, all-consuming work, the cost is naturally not cheap ...

  • What is the aluminum side pass? And aluminum square tube What is the difference?

    2020/03/13 宏铝建材 268

    Aluminum square tube; also known as profiles aluminum side pass, the product is generally four-sided shape, used for office partitions, doors and windows grill, store signs, as well as the company's image on the wall, and other materials that require higher force options, Production is mainly by the machine to roll extruded aluminum, the inside using the Corner installation, and processing methods are mainly welding, bending, carving and other crafts.

  • The difference between aluminum and glass curtain walls and advantages!

    2020/03/13 宏铝建材 225

    Glass walls generally have single and double two specifications, etc., as early as in the late 1980s, it is already one of the hottest of the curtain wall decoration materials! But the curtain wall system but there are many security risks and disadvantages!

  • Aluminum thickness error - GB aluminum thickness deviation!

    2020/03/13 宏铝建材 173

    Find product thickness tend to have plus or minus 0.1 to 0.15 millimeters of error than the actual demand! It is this overall thickness almost can not count small error, customers feel aluminum veneer manufacturers cut corners, In fact, this error is permissible, please Baidu about [building decoration quality acceptance] or reference GB GB50210-2001, which has the relevant technical information!

  • Aluminum curtain wall green it? Aluminum veneer decorative materials - for the environment and health!

    2020/03/13 宏铝建材 182

    Aluminum curtain wall decoration industries, after more than twenty years of reform and opening up gradually developed, the market and technology have been very mature, we pass hi metal products adhere to respond to national environmental policy, take the road of sustainable development, Using science and technology for the environmental cause and struggle! Fully recyclable aluminum decoration materials, environmental protection China architectural decoration materials contribute to make the others.

  • Aluminum single standard and size!

    2020/03/13 宏铝建材 84

    One of aluminum veneer as ceiling or wall decoration of new materials, as the aluminum product its own unique "light, fire, and beautiful" and other excellent characteristics and suffered decoration company and owners of praise, however, a lot of customers are still do not understand the difference Lvkou and aluminum veneer, in general, the size of conventional aluminum veneer is mainly 600 * 600mm, 600 * 1200mm, etc., and the rest are basically unconventional dimensions.

  • Aluminum curtain wall life? How long can aluminum veneer?

    2020/03/13 宏铝建材 61

    After our analysis: "If the major manufacturers of aluminum curtain wall veneer production process, always use high-quality aluminum raw materials, so the only remaining part of the surface treatment that can affect the life of the aluminum curtain wall."

  • Punching punching aluminum veneer how? How to calculate punching rate!

    2020/03/13 宏铝建材 77

    We pass happy customer base metal, often encounter customers purchasing punching aluminum veneer, paper is probably talk about is how punching aluminum veneer;


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