Color painted graphic aluminum veneer

2020-11-29 15:31:52 1141
Color painted graphic aluminum veneer彩色烤漆图形铝单板_(2)(1).JPG彩色烤漆图形铝单板_(1).JPG
Color painted graphic aluminum veneer彩色烤漆图形铝单板_(2)(1).JPG彩色烤漆图形铝单板_(1).JPG

The color painted aluminum veneer can be processed into various complex geometric figures, such as arc, special shape, various color spraying on the board surface, and wood grain stone grain or pattern transfer printing,

It can be installed in combination with glass curtain wall to meet the lighting requirements of buildings and make the buildings noble and elegant. And the material can be recycled, secondary development and utilization.

Advantages of color painted graphic aluminum veneer:

Weight: it is lighter than glass, stone and other traditional curtain walls. If calculated by 2.0 aluminum panel curtain wall, the weight per square meter is only 6kg.

Rigid: metal material, not fragile, not weathered. No glass rain. It can resist wind and earthquake!

Color; aluminum curtain wall can be painted in full color, customized color according to demand, and can also imitate modern and retro decorative effects such as wood grain and stone grain.

The plasticity of shape and metal material is much better than glass curtain wall. It can be punched, carved, bent, welded and polished to create a unique shape.

The environment and glass curtain wall have serious light pollution, which is the killer of birds.

Environmental protection: glass curtain wall is broken and thick, it takes millions of years to decompose, while aluminum curtain wall can be recycled.