Art RETRO window, guardrail

2020-11-29 15:33:06 2841
Art RETRO window, guardrail
Art RETRO window, guardrail

Most of the retro aluminum window pattern is a crisscross combination structure, which makes up for the single line of the traditional square ceiling. What is shown here is the complex special-shaped aluminum grid ceiling, which is mostly carved with aluminum plate, or welded with aluminum square tube profile. It can be used on the wall, as well as door and window grille protection, art window grill, etc., which not only has a good decorative effect, but also has a better decorative effect Ventilation, fire prevention, anti-theft and other functions. Therefore, art carving aluminum grille is loved by building decoration material suppliers!

The combination of metal art guardrail is flexible: the combination of aluminum grille and aluminum frame has the characteristics of unique design and novel shape after installation. The top of the main bone and auxiliary bone of the grid ceiling is folded inward to enhance the firmness of the bone strip. The main bone and auxiliary bone can be trimmed on site to meet the requirements of different sites. The trimmed bone bars can still be used together, and the port structure of the main bone and auxiliary bone is exquisite To make the connection of bone strips seamless.

Application: architectural decoration, ceiling of doors and windows, ceiling, partition, venue, exhibition hall, cinema, subway, high-speed railway station, station, airport and other public places.