Art modeling decorative board

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Art modeling decorative board
Art modeling decorative board

The decorative board is processed into various artistic forms according to the effect drawings of decoration engineering. The color of the paint on the board is rich, and the paint layer lasts for a long time without discoloration, falling off and powdering. You can also use the technology of vacuum heat transfer printing and water transfer printing to transfer various wood textures onto the board, forming a fashionable and beautiful art decoration building materials.

According to the regulations of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, many high-rise buildings have strict requirements for the installation of glass curtain wall system, and even prohibit the installation of glass curtain wall in many occasions. The plastic decorative plate is becoming more and more popular, because aluminum curtain wall shows its unique individual shape and color in the external wall decoration project.

The artistic design decorative board has unique design style, random structure, and different aluminum single board ceiling. The artistic carving smallpox combines the modern decoration function and the design effect with the contemporary sense, so that the essence of the material is fully reflected, so that the space extension is fully released here. Wave type aluminum veneer ceiling is elegant and fashionable, beautiful and generous in shape and strong in three-dimensional sense. It can be customized according to the design requirements. Aluminum plate material is a fire safety material.