Modeling roof aluminum veneer

2020-11-29 15:33:06 2902
Modeling roof aluminum veneer
Modeling roof aluminum veneer

In the decorative aluminum panel series, the molding roof aluminum veneer is a combination of a variety of processes and technologies, according to customer renderings, CAD engineering drawings and other deep processing customized materials. Compared with the flat plate, the bending times of more than 6 knives belong to the molding plate, which is one of the most difficult special-shaped plates. The molding decorative aluminum plate produced by our company has high precision, flat surface, and precise seam. With its unique decorative style, aluminum veneer with roof modeling brings a refreshing visual effect, which makes people remember the impression, and often has the advertising effect of landmark buildings. From the early ceramic tile, aluminum plastic board, aluminum veneer, molding board, all the way through the evolution, all reflect the company's innovation and pursuit of products, provide valuable creativity for architectural designers, and bring a strong visual feast for owners and passengers. Its birth will become a new favorite of building decoration materials, a challenge and breakthrough to traditional decoration, and a common use in high-end commercial and residential buildings A new type of material

Features of roof aluminum veneer: elegant appearance, fireproof and moisture-proof. The construction is simple and durable. It can be combined with sound absorption and heat insulation materials to improve the sound absorption effect of the product function, so as to meet the decoration and sound insulation effect of movie theater, concert hall and studio.