Drawing aluminum veneer production process difference! And metal wire drawing aluminum plate application scope!

2020-11-29 15:27:23 宏铝建材 684
拉丝,是铝板加工中一道重要的工艺,铝板通过拉丝模具的外力作用,使得铝板截面被外力摩擦压缩,或者用砂纸或者水磨法刮出纹路线条,产生客户需要的形状和尺寸 这些工艺统称为金属拉丝工艺!and拉丝铝板在Aluminum veneer和Aluminum veneer生产工艺中,具有非常重要地位!本文主要探讨这两者之间的不同工艺,以及产品价格和适用范围等,
Differences in processing technology:There are four steps in the process of aluminum sheet drawing: aluminum sheet drawing, sheet metal processing, water washing and degreasing, and surface paint baking. And spray curtain wall aluminum plate mainly has sheet metal modeling processing, surface degreasing, the final paint spraying and other steps!
Product price difference:General drawingAluminum veneerThe price is relatively cheap, while baking paintAluminum veneerMore expensive! And some of the wood grain, stone grain and other aluminum plates with 3D feel are produced by wire drawing or electric corrosion process! Of course, the price is expensive!
The difference of application scope:The application scope of the wire drawing aluminum plate is a little wider. It can be used as building materials and decoration materials, and also used for metal box packaging of furniture, household appliances, electronic products and other products in daily life.
拉丝Aluminum veneer及喷涂铝单板都很美观耐用,表面采用金属拉丝工艺的产品,可以明显减少手指油印,哑光效果很不错。and铝单板Board baking process, paint coating uniform, rich and bright colors, the use of the above two products are very wide, each showing a different decoration effect!