Aluminum veneer curtain wall baking technology; what is the meaning of three coating and two baking?

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Aluminum veneer curtain wall is one of the decorative materials, and the quality of aluminum panel baking paint is directly related to the decorative effect and service life of the materials, so our company has always attached great importance to the baking process. The surface coating materials of aluminum veneer curtain wall are mainly PVDF fluorocarbon paint, polycarbonate and powder. After the color card or color number is provided by customers, our company color matching according to the requirements. After both parties confirm that the color is correct, Party A and Party B seal the color card. After the sheet metal modeling of the aluminum veneer curtain wall is completed, the paint baking process can be started Building materials for you to talk about what three coating three baking.



A long service life of aluminum veneer, three coating and two baking is essential, but due to the different process of each manufacturer, the quality of each aluminum plate baking paint is also different, because the thickness of aluminum plate, baking temperature, spray gun flow rate, conveyor speed, coating brand and a series of problems directly affect the quality of coating. What is the meaning of "three coating and two baking" on the surface of aluminum veneer curtain wall? If a powerful manufacturer purchases the imported automatic spraying line, three groups of spray guns can be opened at the same time. The first group is used for primer spraying, the second group is for fluorocarbon or polyester paint spraying, and the last one is for the top coat, which is the so-called varnish.



Just mentioned three coating, and two baking is after the aluminum plate is sprayed three times and then baked twice to make the paint film fully melt and penetrate into the aluminum plate. If the fluorocarbon coating cured at room temperature is used, three coating and one baking can be carried out. Such as coastal areas of salt wind, and Xinjiang Tibet and other sunny areas, you need varnish to protect the paint coating. Varnish, colorless and transparent, with high Mohs hardness, can increase the protection of the paint layer. For example, wood furniture often uses varnish to improve brightness and smoothness. The data of sunlight exposure test show that varnish has strong weather resistance, which is of great help to the life of the overall coating.



What's the meaning of three coating and two baking?

In short,The so-called three coating is: primer, paint, varnish

Twice baking, twice baking!