The basic characteristics of aluminum curtain wall are safety, environmental protection, beauty and durability.

2020-11-29 15:27:41 2831

With the acceleration of urbanization process, the floors are also built higher and higher, so the wall decoration of buildings can hardly be separated from the installation of curtain wall system. At the same time, the material of curtain wall system is also in continuous development and progress, from the early ceramic tile, glass, aluminum-plastic panel, to the present aluminum curtain wall. The rule of survival of the fittest makes aluminum curtain wall become the preferred wall decoration material gradually. Because aluminum plate is made of metal, it breaks through the safety problems such as the bulkiness and fragility of glass or ceramic tile. At the same time, the production of glass and ceramic tile requires a lot of power, and the materials are not recyclable, so it is not environmentally friendly. As long as the color of the curtain wall can be customized, we can also choose from the color cards. Of course, some customers will worry about paint peeling and discoloration. In fact, the current baking paint and coating have made great progress. High temperature baking paint will melt the coating into the surface of aluminum plate. The density and melting point of aluminum plate make the coating more firm than ordinary metal materials, so there is no need to worry.



When you stand on the side of the road and look up at those high-rise buildings and even store billboards, you will find that aluminum veneer curtain wall, modeling aluminum plate, aluminum square tube, etc. these materials are not far away from you. I believe that in the near future, metal curtain wall will be everywhere, which is the choice of the times, because the basic characteristics of aluminum veneer curtain wall are: safety, environmental protection, beautiful and durable. And these are also the problems that people pay more and more attention to. Let me talk about the basic characteristics of metal curtain wall for you, so as to solve some customers' doubts.



Why is aluminum curtain wall safe? Because the metal material will not be like glass or ceramic curtain wall, there will be weathering, falling off, fragmentation and other safety risks.

Why is aluminum curtain wall environmentally friendly? Because aluminum plate is a recyclable material, and the production of glass or ceramic tile requires a lot of electricity, and the natural decomposition time of glass waste slag needs 1 million years.

Why is aluminum curtain wall beautiful? Because of the aluminum plate, you can create your own shape, punch, carve, bend, roll arc, weld and polish, and support all kinds of fluorocarbon, polyester, nano coating and other full-color paint.

Why is aluminum curtain wall durable? Because aluminum has the inherent advantages of oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, fire prevention and waterproof, high temperature resistance, etc. the outdoor installation and service life is as long as 15-20 years, and the indoor installation is about 30 years.

In addition, if the sound-absorbing mineral wool is added in the board, the curtain wall will have the effect of heat preservation, sound insulation and heat insulation. Aluminum curtain wall is both practical and beautiful, so it is welcomed by building material suppliers and decoration companies.