The weather resistance test of fluorocarbon paint coating on aluminum curtain wall, and the life of fluorocarbon aluminum plate.

2020-11-29 15:27:41 1258

Although the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of decorative aluminum plate are better than iron plate and steel plate, if the coating is not good or the baking process is not up to standard, the product quality will be affected after a long time. Because the architectural curtain wall decoration material, the surface paint coating is the life span of aluminum curtain wall panel. In general, indoor decorative aluminum plate mostly adopts ordinary powder baking paint, while outdoor curtain wall is mainly fluorocarbon baking paint. We have introduced the characteristics of these two kinds of paint before, so we will not repeat them.



The abbreviation of fluorocarbon coating is PVDF. The main model is Kynar 500 (fluorocarbon coating for construction). The melting point of the coating is about 180 ℃, and the long-term service temperature is between - 40 ℃ and 150 ℃. There is no thermal expansion and cold shrinkage. In the automatic spraying line, it goes through the process of primer, topcoat and varnish,

At this time, the thickness of the paint layer reaches about 25-30 μ m, which makes the aluminum plate or aluminum profile have the best weather resistance, ensure that the color does not fade and change color for a long time, and can resist acid rain and chemical corrosion. With the hardness of 3-5h, the board surface can be resistant to wind and sand abrasion. The coating also has flame retardant function. It does not smoke and burn at high temperature. It is really safe and environmental friendly.




Some customers don't know about the service life of fluorocarbon curtain wall panels. More than ten years ago, a coating company in the United States tested the weather resistance of fluorocarbon baking paint coatings and super coatings. They placed various coating samples in Florida for natural lighting. At the same time, they were exposed to the above harsh environment for 12 years in salt rich coastal areas Stability and weather resistance, about% 30 higher than the other two coatings "! At present, the annual consumption of fluorocarbon coatings in China is about 60000 tons, but at present, only silver guide nano coatings can surpass fluorocarbon coatings. However, due to the high price, the baking paint of metal building materials may still be dominated by fluorocarbon for a long time.