Oil proof metal ceiling of kitchen ceiling, aluminum gusset plate of domestic toilet ceiling

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Once the ceiling is covered with oil and gypsum, it can not solve the problem of oil pollution in the ceiling of traditional ceiling, because it can't solve the problem of oil and gypsum in the ceiling Hot. The surface of aluminum alloy ceiling is self-cleaning, oil is not easy to stick to the board surface, it is also very easy to clean, that is, it can be fireproof and moisture-proof. Not afraid of heat, the perfect solution to the kitchen ceiling damp mildew and other issues. Our home decoration kitchen and bathroom ceiling is made of 1100, 3003 and other national standard high-quality aluminum plates as the base material. After sheet metal processing, the ceiling is 30 * 30cm in thickness. The thickness of 0.4 ~ 0.6mm is enough, and 0.8mm thickness can be made for special requirements.



Installation of kitchen and bathroom ceiling:

The construction and installation of home decoration ceiling and engineering ceiling are basically the same. Firstly, select the appropriate installation height for surveying and setting out. Install threaded suspender on the floor, adjust to the corresponding height, use hanging code and main and auxiliary keel link. After leveling, the ceiling is clamped on the keel. When it is installed on the wall, use the edge strip to close the edge. The installation is basically completed There are 30 * 30 square lamps in the market, and the air outlet and other materials can be installed seamlessly with the domestic ceiling.



Kitchen and bathroom ceiling quality:

Many customers don't know how to distinguish the quality of aluminum ceiling,In fact, as we have learned before, the fundamental reason for the quality of aluminum ceiling is that the aluminum alloy plate material is better. Our Guangzhou Hong aluminum building materials are made of high-quality aluminum materials such as Southwest Aluminum. The alloy proportion is in accordance with the "wrought aluminum and aluminum alloy chemical composition"Within the control range of GB / t3190-1996, the load-bearing capacity required per square meter can meet the standards of gb-1561-92 metal ceiling, and then meet the decoration and installation requirements of various places such as the ceiling of home decoration engineering.


Types of kitchen and bathroom

The shape design of metal ceiling is wonderful and changeable, and the color, pattern and hole type are various. It is suggested that customers should pay attention to the plate model and surface painting process when purchasing aluminum ceiling. The ceiling plate is mostly made of 1100 type of international standard aluminum hot-rolled high-quality aluminum alloy plateThe surface treatment process of base material and aluminum ceiling is also the key to product life. At present, the surface treatment process is mainly baking paint, and the maximum thickness of paint layer is 15-20 μ M. those coated with film are out of date. Many manufacturers have thicker surface coating than aluminum plate, so the quality of this kind of ceiling is not explainedThe paint can penetrate into the panel at high temperature, so that the paint layer will not change color and fall off for decades. And common film ceiling, board thickness is not enough film to gather together, even if it will not deform, a long time will appear surface powdering phenomenon.