Metal curtain wall products 1100 and 3003 aluminum curtain wall material difference.

2020-11-29 15:27:41 802

According to the "notice on strengthening the management of building curtain wall" issued by the Ministry of urban and rural development in 1997, it is strictly prohibited to adopt the design of full hidden frame glass curtain wall, and at the same time, the construction unit of concealed frame glass curtain wall shall be subject to lifelong accountability system. Since then, the metal curtain wall represented by aluminum alloy has gradually broken the market pattern of traditional curtain wall materials. When aluminum alloy plate was used in the construction curtain wall industry, many metal curtain wall manufacturers used 1100 aluminum alloy plate for processing, and among the aluminum models, 1100 represents pure aluminum without other metal components.





Many people think that the higher the purity, the better. In fact, the hardness of curtain wall made of 1100 aluminum plate is not as good as that of 3003 manganese aluminum plate, because the manganese element of% 1 -% 1.5 is added, which improves the anti rust function of curtain wall panel surface, and the corrosion resistance is higher than that of 1100 aluminum plate. At present, three series materials are used in the wall decoration of outdoor buildings, which can better withstand the corrosion of wind, sun, salt fog and acid rain, and improve the safety and decoration effect of metal curtain wall! Of course, there is no difference between the two materials for ten or eight years.


actually1100 and 3003 materialsThe cost of 3003 is almost the same. The cost per ton of 3003 is about 500-600 yuan, which is equivalent to an increase of 5-8 yuan per square meter. So far, series 1 aluminum plate still has a large use share. The main reason is that the hardness of series 3 manganese aluminum is about% 8-10 higher than that of system 1. For carving, artistic carving, and customizing curtain wall modeling, it is not as convenient as that of system 1 pure aluminum, so pure aluminum is the main indoor material Outdoor curtain wall, parapet, decorative hanging board and other materials have been mainly 3 series.

The above two kinds of curtain wall materials have little difference and each has its own advantages. Customers can purchase according to the project budget and design requirements.