Special shaped aluminum curtain wall construction process, the importance of curtain wall construction technology.

2020-11-29 15:27:41 305

In the building decoration industry, many decoration companies begin to assemble the curtain wall after receiving the curtain wall products carefully made by us. The construction method and steps of flat curtain wall are also very simple, so there are few mistakes,

However, some decoration companies are eager to install even the special-shaped curtain wall. Generally speaking, the metal special-shaped curtain wall is of irregular shape. Our sheet metal workshop has carried out segmentation production for special corners, shapes, arcs, etc. to facilitate production and construction. Similar plates are also numbered, but if the construction personnel don't pay attention to the notes in the list, they can Assembly failure is easy to occur, and even lack of plate. Then send contradictions or misunderstandings.



Some decoration companies think of the problems too complicated, and there are those companies that think things simple. In fact, a regular aluminum veneer manufacturer has analyzed the problems of drawings and installation before production and processing. Only when the drawings and structure are reasonable can we place an order for production. As long as the construction party pays attention to the details given by the manufacturer, the above situation will hardly occur. Of course, the importance of construction technology and experience is beyond doubt, otherwise it is difficult to communicate clearly.


Although the product quality of regular aluminum curtain wall manufacturers is very important, there is no need to worry too much. On the contrary, the construction technology often determines the overall effect of the products. Especially for some DIY products that need artistic vision, the effect of installation by another person in charge is also different. The final conclusion is that Party A and Party B need to communicate more, and important details can't be ignored and doubts arise Timely contact with manufacturers and designers can ensure the quality and decoration effect of curtain wall products, so that the project can be smoothly accepted according to the design requirements!