Aluminum veneer baking paint; silver wire ceramic coating more durable than fluorocarbon paint.

2020-11-29 15:27:41 469

After the aluminum veneer curtain wall products have been shaped by sheet metal, the last important process is baking paint. This process has a direct impact on the life of aluminum veneer. The baking coating can be divided into indoor and outdoor. The ordinary powder coating can be used indoors, while the outdoor environment is more harsh, fluorocarbon baking paint (scientific name: PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride) is generally used, although fluorocarbon has excellent resistance Corrosion, oxidation resistance and other advantages, but after decades of wind and sun, the paint surface is still changed, which obviously can not meet the high standards of national infrastructure projects. Therefore, a more durable silver guide nano ceramic coating than fluorocarbon baking paint came into being.


Yingui ceramic coating is a new inorganic environmental protection coating. Its main component is silicon dioxide, which is derived from the colorless and transparent microcrystals extracted from quartzite, cristobalite and lepidolite. It is a kind of green, healthy and environmental protection coating without adding PFOA.

In recent years, it has been used for surface treatment of aluminum plate, 304 steel plate, carbon steel plate, copper plate, etc., which greatly enhances the surface friction resistance. The hardness test is up to 9h, and the wear resistance times are more than 2000 times. Generally, it can be directly applied without protective film.


We know that the fluorocarbon paint begins to soften at 300 ℃, and the silver coating can withstand 1600 ℃ without softening and releasing smoke. The most important thing is that when the paint is baked, it only needs about 180 ℃ to solidify! Greatly reduce the power cost of spraying manufacturers.


With the wide application of anti-corrosion coating, such as silver and aluminum, it has many advantages, such as anti-corrosion coating, anti-corrosion coating, etc.