What is the meaning of non-standard aluminum veneer? What are the standard aluminum plate building materials?

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What is nonstandard

Generally speaking, once a product is put into production, it is batch standardized production. For our aluminum veneer processing industry, "non-standard" aluminum veneer is a very familiar word, mainly because aluminum veneer curtain wall belongs to customized products, each customerInstallation site and requirements are different, each board shape, thickness, paint color and imitation lines are customized, so they are called non-standard aluminum veneer, non-standard aluminum curtain wall, etc.



What are the standard aluminum plate building materials

Non standard product is a relative concept relative to "standard product". Standard aluminum plate products mean uniform specifications, which can be produced in mass production through automatic process of machines. For example, simple materials such as standard ceiling, engineering aluminum gusset plate, aluminum strip buckle ceiling, etc. belong to the standardQuasi aluminum plate building materials, raw materials placed on the machine mold, can be automated production, such products are relatively cheap.



What does non-standard aluminum veneer mean

In the case of aluminum veneer project of honglv building materials, it is often encountered that the specifications of each panel are different. The pattern of each board is irregular artistic carving, and even the color is colorful. Finally, it is installed in the construction site to form a unique aluminum veneer curtain wall productThese are typical cases of non-standard aluminum veneer. From the sheet metal and the design, there are always a lot of tests, from the design to the design of a series of productsAll of them can't be installed. At the same time, the production cycle is longer because it can't be processed automatically. The above reasons also lead to the high price of non-standard aluminum veneer.