Macro aluminum building materials aluminum veneer curtain wall production process, aluminum veneer curtain wall production workshop!

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Building wall decoration using aluminum alloy plate, can break the shortcomings of traditional curtain wall materials, such as: fragile, not fireproof, bulky, can not be arbitrarily shaped, unsafe and so on. According to the requirements of engineering design drawings, the metal curtain wall can produce various artistic forms of wall decoration at will. The size, thickness and color of the curtain wall veneer, including punching, carving and carving patterns, can be customized for you. Moreover, the metal curtain wall can also imitate various rare wood patterns, marble patterns and other natural effects, with a natural feel Arts and crafts, decorative effect can be modern avant-garde, but also retro traditional, to design or decoration companies to play a great space.

Aluminum pictures

Aluminum pictures

Guangzhou hongal aluminum veneer curtain wall is made of high-quality 3003-h24 aluminum alloy plates with thickness of 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm and 3.0 mm. The maximum size of the finished veneer is 1220 x 2400 mm. Other special large-scale ultra wide curtain wall panels can be customized as required, In fact, if the curtain wall is larger than 4000 mm, the installation time will be reduced. In fact, if the curtain wall is larger than 1500 mm, it will not be easy for customers to install large metal curtain wall. In fact, it will not be easy for customers to install large-scale curtain wall with large joints.

The production process of flat aluminum alloy curtain wall is simple. The product structure is that the aluminum plate is bent on four sides according to the width and height of the design drawing, and the bending corner is welded and polished. At the back every 500-800mm, the reinforcing rib is installed to prevent the deformation of the plate surface. Finally, rivet gun is used to fix the corner bar at the bending position of the plate edge every 300 mm to facilitate the installation of the product. The position of the corner bar is staggered with the position of other veneers. Before construction, the steel frame should be installed on the wall, and the vertical and horizontal arrangement method of the steel frame should be in accordance with the plate joint at the corner code of the aluminum veneer curtain wall The position is arranged so that the corner code is opposite to the steel frame, and self tapping screws can be used to install and fix the curtain wall panel.

After the above-mentioned sheet metal modeling process, the last one is the surface treatment process, such as color baking paint, and then the retro technology of imitation wood grain and stone grain. In the production process, mechanical oil and hand sweat are easy to stick to the curtain wall panel surface, so it is necessary to clean before baking, and the aluminum alloy surface will automatically form a layer of anti-oxidation layer, so it is necessary to carry out chromium treatment, so that the paint can penetrate into the surface at high temperature, and the paint surface is more flat and firm.

Generally, fluorocarbon paint is used for outdoor installation, and powder paint is used for indoor installation. The cost difference between the two is about 20-30 yuan per square meter. The thicker the curtain wall material is, the higher the baking temperature is (180-280Degree Ccentigrade)So the price is also changing. The reason why fluorocarbon baking paint is more expensive is that PVDF fluorocarbon paint has excellent corrosion resistance, strong weather resistance to nature, excellent acid rain, salt fog and cold and heat resistance. It can ensure that aluminum veneer curtain wall will not fade and powdered after more than 15 years of outdoor installation, and the color selection is also very rich. Basically, as long as the project area is more than 100 square meters, it can completely meet your needs And color matching.