What should be paid attention to when cleaning hollow aluminum veneer curtain wall

2020-11-29 15:28:38 宏铝建材 338

  Hollow aluminum veneer是一种无毒无害的建筑装饰材料,为了使其发挥更好的作用,需要进行合理的维护和维护。对于保修期内的 镂空铝单板,应不时进行定期检查。为及时发现质量隐患,特别是在维持注胶过程中,应及时更换或修复镂空铝单板,防止其脱落或破损。


In addition, the cleaning of hollowed out aluminum veneers should not be ignored and should be carried out regularly. Specifically, the following aspects should be paid attention to:

1. Attention should be paid to the cleaning operation of hollow aluminum veneer curtain wall

The cleaning of hollow aluminum veneer and glass on the exterior wall of buildings needs to be carried out outdoors and at high altitude. At this time, the elevator and other vehicles must be used to assist in completing the operation. In view of the risk of this work, hollow aluminum veneer manufacturers emphasize that operators must undergo strict physical examination, strict training, and strictly abide by the operating procedures and safety regulations. In order to ensure safety, high quality, efficient premise to do this kind of cleaning work.

2. Make preparations in advance

Before formal cleaning of hollowed out aluminum veneer, appropriate cleaning tools shall be selected according to the material and dirt degree of aluminum panel curtain wall, and small cleaning test shall be conducted if necessary. It is also necessary to make clear the condition of the roof, determine the water source and power supply, and formulate the overall operation scheme. When cleaning, you can use the water gun on the high-pressure cleaning machine to clean the wall, and check whether there are stains on the wall, such as sticks and so on. If so, you should first remove the wall with a scraper and other aids and solvents.

3. Pay attention to choose proper detergent

When cleaning hollow aluminum veneer curtain wall, in order to protect the wall, we should use soft dishcloth with clean water or neutral detergent. As the aluminum veneer curtain wall contains metal materials, please pay attention not to use products with acid-base properties when choosing detergent, such as ordinary soap, washing powder, decontamination powder, toilet detergent, etc. Only in this way can the walls be damaged by chemical reactions. Therefore, we must have an understanding of this knowledge so as to better maintain and protect the walls.

The above are several aspects that should be paid attention to when cleaning hollow aluminum veneer. At present, many large building walls are easy to adhere to dust, so it is necessary to clean them regularly. In this work, I believe that the above points will certainly contribute to this goal. In addition, if conditions permit, it is recommended to use window cleaner for cleaning, so as to make it safer, simpler and more effective.

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