Advantages of punching aluminum veneer

2020-11-29 15:28:38 宏铝建材 447

Now, there are a lot of materials to choose from on the market. Due to the rapid development of Applied Science and modern means of production, many manufacturers have developed a variety of new varieties, and made breakthroughs in strength, corrosion resistance, surface texture, etc. howeverPunching aluminum veneerHowever, it has never been eliminated, which is closely related to the advantages of punching aluminum veneer.


Advantages of punching aluminum veneer:

1. Punching aluminum veneer is light in weight and simple in structure. Although the installation method is simple, it has outstanding bending and wind resistance performance.

2. The application field of carved punching aluminum veneer is very wide, which can be used in various old building renovation, indoor table decoration planning, various new buildings, as well as wall panel, hanging board, maintenance board, etc.

3. Aluminum alloy is used as raw material, with long service life. Fluorocarbon spray coating is not affected by ultraviolet, humidity and atmosphere, and will never fade.

4. The recovery rate of punching aluminum veneer can reach 100%, which can be recycled and the residual value can be recovered.

5. Punching aluminum veneer has rich pattern types, arbitrary marking for customers to choose, distinctive patterns, or according to the needs of customers for professional planning.

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