Aluminum veneer manufacturers can not rely on price war to break through industry bottleneck

2020-11-29 15:28:38 宏铝建材 286

Each industry has a period of vigorous development, and naturally there will be a bottleneck. When most industries are in the bottleneck period of development, in order to get rid of the bottleneck period as soon as possible, they will adopt the strategy of price war. Aluminum veneer industry is no exception. In recent years, with the rapid development of aluminum veneer industry, the scale of aluminum veneer Market is expanding rapidly. At present,Aluminum veneer manufacturerAt the same time, the production of aluminum veneer products in the market is very rampant.


In order to get rid of the bottleneck period and get more product orders, aluminum veneer manufacturers cannot get rid of the price war;. The strategy of "price war" can not help enterprises to pass the bottleneck period quickly, but will hinder the development of enterprises and even the whole aluminum veneer industry.

Aluminum veneer manufacturers belong to the traditional raw material processing enterprises, and the production cost accounts for the most proportion in the price of aluminum veneer. Such as: raw material procurement costs, labor training costs, resource costs, equipment management costs, equipment depreciation costs, etc. There is not much room for these production costs to squeeze.

Although there are numerous aluminum veneer manufacturers, after all, China's aluminum veneer industry has not developed for a long time, there is no influential enterprise brand in the market, and the advantage of scale agglomeration has not been fully formed. Moreover, the development of aluminum veneer industry is also hindered by other industries. In the process of competition with other industries, due to the high production cost of aluminum veneer, its price is slightly higher Compared with other building decoration materials, it is at a disadvantage in the industry and industry competition.

However, it is gratifying that in recent years, with the development of the Internet, aluminum veneer industry has begun to combine with e-commerce. Many aluminum veneer manufacturers have begun to combine the traditional marketing mode with e-commerce effectively. This can not only reduce the marketing cost of enterprises, but also greatly improve the marketing efficiency of enterprises.

In fact, no matter which marketing mode aluminum veneer manufacturers choose, it is unrealistic to win by "price war" if they want to win in the competition. Quality is the key to success.

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