Relationship between punching rate and price of punching aluminum veneer

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What is punching aluminum veneer?

Punching aluminum veneer generally refers to macro aluminum building materials on the surface of high-quality aluminum plate through die stamping to obtain various decorative aluminum plates with different hole types or apertures. Through CAD, various round holes, square holes, plum blossom holes, artistic patterns, etc. can be arranged and processed according to the punching rate for ventilation and lighting requirements, so that the panel surface can be scientificIt has the characteristics of light weight, high temperature corrosion resistance, fire and moisture resistance, convenient installation and maintenance, strong decoration and so on.

Besides, it has the effect of reducing noise, so it has a wide range of uses. It is usually used in the sound insulation decorative board of Expressway in urban area, the environmental noise control barrier of subway and other traffic municipal engineering facilities, as well as the ceiling and wall panel of some buildings.

On the other hand, it can also create a beautiful and fashionable style, such as building stairs, balcony decorative panels, ceiling, external curtain wall, etc. It can also be used as the shell of some machinery, protective cover, heat sink plate and so on.

Of course, punching aluminum veneer also has some disadvantages. Because of the existence of punching rate after stamping, the strength and anti deformation ability of aluminum sheet are greatly reduced when selecting punching aluminum veneer. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the hole diameter, spacing and punching rate of the plate surface.

Aluminum pictures

Aluminum pictures

Why is the price of punching aluminum veneer very different?

With the same plate thickness and different hole spacing, the punching production speed and punching rate will be different. The punching rate determines the weight of waste aluminum, and the punching density determines the production time. These reasons all affect the price of punched aluminum veneer,

Aluminum veneer in the punching process will produce some waste, and the waste aluminum can be recycled to offset part of the punching cost. But if it is small hole stamping, scrap aluminum is less, punching is slow, the price is naturally more expensive than the big hole.

So how to calculate the punching rate? After arranging holes on the board, CAD designers select all the holes, calculate the hole area and divide it by one square to get the approximate punching rate.

Aluminum pictures

Aluminum pictures

Aluminum pictures

The relationship between punching rate and price of aluminum veneer;

In the production process of macro aluminum punching veneer, different hole diameter aluminum veneer adopts different charging standards. If it is a traditional round hole aluminum veneer, the larger the hole diameter, the lower the price. Because this kind of plate produces more waste aluminum in the stamping process, it can reduce the cost of 3-5 yuan per square meter.

Of course, if it is square punching, special-shaped hole, logo hollowing, etc., which belong to the scope of carving, or need to open the mold to customize the production of the plate type, the price may be higher, so the deepening of the drawing shall prevail.

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