Punching aluminum veneer meets customers\' pursuit of high quality, luxury and environmental protection

2020-11-29 15:28:38 宏铝建材 177

Punching aluminum veneerIt is a kind of exterior wall decoration material popular in the market in recent years. At present, many people have only a preliminary understanding of a name. Most people rarely study aluminum veneer if they don't decorate it, but once they start decorating and touching it, you must study it. The advantages and disadvantages of aluminum veneer compared with other products, aluminum veneer color matching, but in the face of aluminum veneer Market brand is uneven, really bad choice. Big brands are too expensive. Small orders don't come back. Small factories worry about substandard quality and paint fading.

Punching aluminum veneer has injected new vitality into the building materials market. Its aluminum veneer products are based on aluminum alloy (1100 or 3003). Not only limited to the common sense of curtain wall materials, but also a new type of environmental protection building materials, low-carbon environmental protection, stable performance, variable style. No formaldehyde, no radiation, no pollution, strong fire resistance. Recyclable. It is very popular in the market.

Aluminum pictures

Aluminum pictures

Punching aluminum veneer can meet the individual needs of contemporary consumers and create different visual effects according to the wishes of decorators. It overcomes the shortcomings of other monochromatic and non layered decorative materials. In design, punching aluminum veneer is also unique, with excellent quality and comprehensive design style. It is elegant, warm and beautiful. Each product shows its personality and rejects thousands of articles. For all that.

Punching aluminum veneer not only has good performance, but also is widely used in family, mold and other occasions. With product advantages and strong marketing policy, we create products to meet the customer's pursuit of high-quality luxury and environmental protection.

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