Is anodized aluminum veneer the same as electroplated aluminum sheet?

2020-11-29 15:28:38 宏铝建材 1132

As we all know, there are many kinds of aluminum veneer baking process. The commonly used aluminum veneer is outdoor powder baking paint, polyester baking paint, PVDF fluorocarbon baking paint and other main processes. The main features are economic benefits, convenient paint color matching, outdoor installation weather resistance of about 10-15 years, basically meeting the service life of decoration and replacement.

However, the surface coating of aluminum veneer installed in some public places needs higher Mohs hardness, so enamel baking process or anodic oxidation treatment is adopted. However, enamel coating has been introduced in detail before. This question focuses on the process difference between anodized aluminum plate and electroplated aluminum plate.

Aluminum pictures

Aluminum pictures

Anodizing is after the aluminum veneer sheet metal forming process, some need surface sandblasting, and then put the workpiece into the pickling tank to clean the grease left in the process. After pickling, the aluminum veneer is put into the water tank to wash the acid and alkali residues, and then the aluminum veneer is dried or dried in the air. Then put into the oxidation tank, the aluminum veneer is used as the anode, and the electrolyte and other chemical substances are used as the negative electrode medium. Under the action of electrolyte and current, the aluminum veneer surface will form an oxide film of 3 ~ 10um, and then carry out deionization cleaning. After the formation of the oxide film, there are two processes to choose. One is to directly enter the dyeing tank for dyeing, and then enter the cold closed tank, and then wash the material for packaging. Second, after deionized water washing, it goes into electrophoresis solidification process, and then it is washed and packaged. It can be seen that oxidation process needs a lot of water resources and power. It has a great impact on environmental protection, and the process is complex and complicated, which is also the reason for the high price of anodized alumina veneer. However, it overcomes the defects of surface hardness and wear resistance of traditional aluminum veneer baking paint and prolongs its service life

Aluminum pictures

Aluminum pictures


Electroplating is also based on the principle of electrolysis, plating a thin layer of metal alloy on the surface of aluminum plate, so as to prevent metal oxidation and rust, so as to improve the wear resistance, gloss and beautiful decoration of products. Generally, there are zinc plating, chromium plating, titanium plating, gold plating, silver plating, etc,

It is commonly used in automobile decoration, bathroom metal products, etc., mostly for die casting, plastic parts and other products surface treatment, almost not used on aluminum veneer, but many customers, difficult to distinguish anodized aluminum veneer and electroplating aluminum veneer, think it is the same process.


Difference between anodizing and electroplating:

Although they are made by electrolysis process, there are great differences between them. They have metal color, retain the original metal texture, leave no fingerprints, and are easy to clean and maintain. The disadvantage is that there is no rich color of traditional outdoor powder baking paint, polyester baking paint and PVDF fluorocarbon baking paint.