What are the specifications of U-shaped square tube / square tube

2020-11-29 15:28:56 黄经理 183

There are a lot of aluminum ceiling materials, including ceiling aluminum veneer, aluminum square, aluminum hanger and aluminum grid. About ceiling aluminum veneer and aluminum grille, I will not say for the moment. Today, I will mainly introduce the advantages of aluminum square pass and aluminum hanger. These two kinds of interior ceiling materials can create a variety of interior decoration effect. Which is the only one? Is it right for you?

Place of production: Guangdong

Product thickness: 0.4-3.0mm

Product size: can be customized according to customer's drawings!

Surface baking: fluorocarbon spraying, polyester spraying, powder spraying, etc.

Surface color: can be customized according to customer's pattern; black, white, red, red, orange, orange, green, green, cyan, blue, purple, etc.

Surface texture: 3D feel of wood / stone patterns

Product material: aluminum alloy

Processing technology; plane punching bending bending carving carving welding corrosion polishing

Scope of application: interior decoration, shopping mall, corporate image wall, building exterior wall, subway, high-speed railway station, station, railway station, airport and other places.

Production brand. Macro aluminum building materials

Material model: aa3003-h24 aa3003-h24

Maximum length: 7000 mm


铝方通,比较常见的是U型铝方通和圆管铝方通,颜色多样。铝合金方通的整体线条亮丽,美观大方。如果选择合适的高度,整个铝方通铝方通吊顶在合适的视角下,会产生和屏风一样的效果。设计效果会发生变化,使室内空间更加通透,增强了空间的。 感。 感。另外,铝方板吊顶不仅可以塑造出简单的造型,也可以装饰出非常复杂的造型。 铝合金吊件的种类很多,如水滴形吊件、V型吊件、锥形吊件等。铝合金吊件容易形成单向的屏风层次视觉,是一种装饰性的垂线型吊件。其线条明快、美观大方,色彩均匀,层次分明。安装起来非常简单明了,木纹色是比较流行的颜色,给人一种回归自然的感觉。

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