Relationship between price and performance characteristics of punching aluminum veneer

2020-11-29 15:28:56 宏铝建材 246

Punching aluminum veneer, as the name implies, is a product of various pass types punched on the plate surface by CNC turret punching before bending. The hole type, color and size of punching aluminum veneer surface of hongaluminum building materials can be customized according to customer requirements, which is mainly used in various large conference halls, cinemas, high-speed rail lines, residential sections, internal and external walls, lobby external walls The features of the products are as follows:

Aluminum pictures

Aluminum pictures

1. The surface has good weather resistance and corrosion resistance. The paint is PVDF fluorocarbon paint based on kynar-500 and hylur500, which can be used for more than 20 years.

2. The surface coating is uniform, the color selection range is wide and diverse, and the selection space is large.

3. The installation is convenient and fast. The aluminum plate has been formed when it leaves the factory. The construction site does not need to cut and fix the framework, so the construction is convenient and fast.

4. Sound insulation, shock absorption performance is good, can be perforated in the aluminum veneer, can also be used in the back of sound-absorbing cotton, rock wool and other sound-absorbing insulation materials, good flame-retardant performance, even if a fire will not produce toxic gases.

Aluminum pictures

There are plum blossom type, five pointed star type, round hole and square hole type. The shape of punching has little effect on the price of aluminum veneer. However, the hole diameter, punching speed and hole distribution will affect the price of punching aluminum veneer to a certain extent.

Aluminum pictures

Because of the punching of aluminum veneer, the accounting calculates the scrap aluminum produced by itself in the cost, so it can offset part of the punching processing fee. Therefore, if the diameter of punching aluminum veneer is large and the distribution is sparse, the price of this kind of aluminum veneer is generally lower. However, if the pore size is small and the distribution is relatively sparse, then the technical requirements are relatively high, so the price of aluminum veneer is relatively high.