Difference between square aluminum tube and square aluminum tube

2020-11-29 15:29:13 宏铝建材 179

Some people ask this question: is aluminum square tube the same as curved aluminum square tube? &Here, we would like to say briefly that aluminum square tube and aluminum square tube are not the same material. They are two similar products. Aluminum square tube has become a popular ceiling product in the market in recent years because of its wide vision, ventilation, bright lines, clear layers, simple installation and maintenance. The shape of aluminum square pass is usually U-shaped and C-shaped


However, due to different manufacturing methods, square aluminum tubes can be divided into aluminum sheet aluminum square tubes and profile aluminum square tubes. Aluminum square tube is one of many aluminum profiles. There are obvious differences between aluminum square tube and aluminum square tube in appearance.

The production of arc-shaped square aluminum tube is also divided into several types. The simple one is stretch bending forming, and the more complex one is welding aluminum plate.