What is the use of aluminum veneer stiffeners

2020-11-29 15:29:13 宏铝建材 141

Some customers often ask what is the stiffener of aluminum veneer, and how to make it? Why do we make stiffeners? I believe that after reading the materials prepared by small knitting, we will have a certain understanding. If the size of ordinary aluminum veneer is relatively large, the back of the plate must be implanted with reinforcing ribs every 300-500mm to ensure the flatness of the board surface. With the reinforcement, the tensile strength of aluminum veneer is improved. For example, the tensile strength of 3.0 mm aluminum alloy plate per square millimeter is 100-280n (mechanical unit), which is not easy to deform. If the reinforcing rib is installed on the back of the large area curtain wall aluminum panel, the appearance of the panel will not be affected, and the strength of the aluminum plate will be further strengthened. Therefore, the large area aluminum panel curtain wall system can withstand the earthquake of magnitude 4 or so.