Refer to GB / t23443-2009 for technical standard of aluminum veneer

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Technical standard for aluminum veneerRefer to GB / t23443-2009 (aluminum veneer for building decoration)

1、 Dimension deviation of length and width:

① Under 2000mm, the allowable deviation is ± 1.0mm

② More than 2000mm, the allowable deviation is ± 1.5mm

2、 Diagonal deviation;

① Within 2000mm, the allowable deviation of diagonal angle is ± 2.0mm

② Over 2000mm, the diagonal tolerance is ± 3.0mm

3、 Flatness of plate surface;


Aluminum pictures

Aluminum pictures

4、 Paint coating standard;

① Coating thickness: the second coating is more than 30um, the third coating is more than 40um, and the fourth coating is more than 55um

② Color deviation: there is no obvious color difference in visual inspection, or the color difference of computer color difference meter for monochromatic coating △ e ≤ 2nbs

③ Gloss: ± 5 error of limit value.

④ Mohs hardness: pencil hardness ± 1H.

⑤ Dry attachment: grid drawing method, 100 / 100, grade 0.

⑥ Impact resistance: front impact, 50kg (490N. Cm), no crack, no paint peeling.

Aluminum pictures

Aluminum pictures

Aluminum pictures

5、 Chemical resistance;

① Hydrochloric acid resistance: 15 minutes drip, no bubble.

② Nitric acid resistance: color change △ e ≤ 4nbs

③ Mortar resistance: 24 hours without any change.

④ Anti detergent: no bubble and falling off after 72 hours.

Aluminum pictures

Aluminum pictures

6、 Corrosion resistance;

① Moisture resistance: 4000 hours, up to grade II of gb1740.

② Salt spray resistance: 4000 hours, reaching the second level of gb1740.

Aluminum pictures

Aluminum pictures

7、 Weather resistance;

① Fading: after 10 years, △ e ≤ 5nbs

② Pulverization: after 10 years, it will reach grade II of GB 1766

③ Gloss retention: after 10 years, the gloss will be maintained at or above% 50

④ Coating loss: after 10 years, the paint loss rate is less than or equal to% 10

Aluminum pictures

Aluminum pictures

Aluminum pictures